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News Update in Details

Order Regarding Auto-Renewal Of License Under Factories Act, 1948 In Haryana

The Labour Department of Haryana vide order no: 2/22/2020 Lab has approved the auto-renewal of the licenses under rule 10 of the Punjab Factory Rules, 1952 subject to the following conditions:- (1) There shall be no change in particulars of the application for renewal of license i.e. name of occupier, name & address of the factory, maximum horsepower, and maximum no. of workers for the year/years for which is renewal is required. (2) The fee paid is five or ten times the fee specified in the schedule, in case the renewal application is made for five years or ten years, as the case may be (3) The fees are paid through E-GRAS only via the departmental website i.e. www.hrylabour.gov.in through the login I.D of the factory