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Importance of Pan Card in GST Registration.

The Income Tax Department of India makes it compulsory for individuals and business entities to furnish the PAN card details for all those people who have to pay central excise duty and service tax. It is one of the documents that is needed while paying goods and services tax or GST.

The GST system of taxation also replaces all the other taxes that the central and the state governments impose. When it comes to the new systems, a unified approach is what the government needs to establish. All the other taxes such as food, VAT, luxury, corruption, purchase, advertisement tax come under the roof of GST or the goods and services tax.

Starting GST using PAN

The PAN card is needed for the GST registration process.

First and foremost, a temporary registration number which is called the GSTIN or the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is only to be provided to those who hold the PAN card and the details will be exactly similar to what is mentioned therein.

In the new tax structure, the applicants will get a distinct registration against the PAN along with a temporary ID of the state where the business exists.

According to the new ruling of the government that the firms with multiple business segments can register several times with the network of GST with one PAN only. But each one of these segments will be considered as a separate business structure as far as the tax calculations are concerned.

Category of people

The following category of people must provide a copy of the PAN card during GST registration. Therefore, they must understand the mechanism of NSDL PAN apply and receive the card as early as possible for the process of GST registration.

- Individual or sole proprietor
- Indian and foreign companies whether public or private.
- Partnership firm including the Limited Liability Company.

Type of GST registration

The business entities need to provide several documents and need to submit them on the portal of GST for the registration. Take a quick glimpse of the types of GST registration and the purpose. Regardless of the category of registration, it is necessary to furnish the PAN details to accomplish the process.

When it comes to usual registration of the taxpayers and for the supply of those goods and services that are taxable, the PAN card of the company and the authorized signatory is essential. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide the PAN details of all the directors of the company.
For TDS registration that related to the tax that is deducted at source, the PAN number of the person who is registered is necessary.

When it comes to TCS registration, the PAN number of the applicant being registered is also to be provided as one of the documents.

The Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or the GSTIN that is a significant aspect of the new number that is specific to each state, which depends on PAN. Therefore, the fifteen-digit registration number comprises the state code, PAN, the check digit, and the entity code. All the GST registrations are executed based on PAN.

Searching GSTIN by PAN

The Goods and Service Tax Identification is one of the key aspects of the GST regime. If you are looking for the number, the PAN card comes to help as you need to search by the details mentioned in the card. Check the following steps.

- The first step is to visit the portal of GST.
- Once you are in the website, you have to click on the tab “Search Taxpayer”
- You have to select the option “Search by PAN”
- Mention the PAN number in the field and the captcha code that is given below.
- Finally, you have to clock on “Search” and the site will display the details you have mentioned against the PAN details you provide.

It is quite clear that the PAN number is the basis or the framework of GST registration procedure.  Whether it is to launch the process of registration or to search for the GSTIN or the unique code that intends to simplify the tax structure of your business, using the PAN card is essential. If you want to complete the registration now, you have to apply for the PAN card now and complete the procedure.